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Photo ID: 5703
Gallery ID: 240 - Scotland
Photo Title: Reul na Mara
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Jose Shackleton | View this photographers information and photos
reul, na, mara, reul na mara, star of the ocean, fishing, boat, cidhe eolaigerraidh, barra, outer, hebrides, western, isles, scotland, seascape, dusk, beach, mooring, rope, sea, shore, atlantic, ocean, water, low, tide, after the storm, cloudy, sunset,
Reul na Mara, or Star of the Ocean a traditional Barra fishing boat, moored at Cidhe Eolaigerraidh, Barra.Reul na Mara, the name of the boat, means Star of the Ocean . It is a traditional Barra fishing boat. This was the beginning of a walk after a long day of being held captive by the rain. Dusk was falling as we set off for Traigh Sgurabhal and a walk along the beautiful sands. We ended the walk in torchlight, ever conscious of the waves, lapping gently but confidently in.

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